Service Philosophy

Our Commitment to the Customer:

  • Starts with being hands-on. We don't contract with a third-party call center service, and we don't have one massive call center at corporate headquarters. Our customer service centers are located in communities across our service area.
  • Includes investing in the technology, personnel and training to make the customer service experience simple, convenient and tailored to our members' personal needs.
  • Shows that we understand our role is more than handling insurance claims. Our philosophy is to serve as a resource that provides members with all the information needed to get the most from their benefit plans and to be as healthy as possible.

Our Performance

  • Inquiry accuracy: 99.5%
  • Claims timeliness: 98.1% (non-investigated in 14 days)
  • Claims processing accuracy: 99.5%
  • Claims financial accuracy: 99.5%
  • Average speed of answer: 29 seconds
  • Abandonment rate: 2.19%
  • First contact closure rate: 94.4%


Last Updated: June 16, 2021