Find a Plan That Fits Your Needs


Gold Plans are for you if you:

  • Have more medical needs than most
  • Have a spouse and dependents, or want to expand your family soon
  • Qualify for a premium tax credit
  • Prefer to have less out-of-pocket expenses but a higher monthly payment

Silver Plans are for you if you:

  • Have regular medical needs
  • Want to pay less out-of-pocket for care
  • Qualify for a subsidy (premium tax credit)
  • Have a spouse and dependents

Bronze Plans are for you if you:

  • Have fewer medical needs than most
  • Would rather have a low monthly payment
  • Qualify for a premium tax credit
  • Don’t take prescription drugs regularly
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Pick a Plan That's Right For Me

There's more to consider than cost when choosing your 2023 health care plan. Find out if your doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other health care providers are in the new plan's provider network, or that they'll accept your plan. Read our tips to learn more about your in-network care and what's important to consider when choosing a new plan. 

Manage Your Health Plan All in One Place

Blue Access for MembersSM is a powerful tool for managing your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) health plan benefits. You can find a doctor, review coverage, and set your preferences for how we communicate with you.

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What's Included In All BCBSTX Health Plans

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Plan Network

Get care from within your plan's network to control your costs. 

Essential Services

Wellness, maternity, newborn/pediatric care, ambulance, emergency, hospitalization, labs, prescription drugs, disease management, mental health, substance misuse, and rehabilitative services.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Based on your plan, once you’ve met your deductible, you will either pay a set amount (copay) or a percentage (coinsurance) of your drug costs.

Preventive Care Services

Preventive care can help you avoid future health issues. Getting this care in-network means you won’t pay out-of-pocket costs.


Select a resource in the list to learn more.

Information About 2023 Rates

Learn about our 2023 health plan rates, why they may change and what it could mean for your health plan rate in the coming year.

Application Tracker

Follow your application’s progress after applying.

Premium Tax Credit Estimator

See if you qualify for a subsidy, also known as a premium tax credit (PTC).

Health Care Terms

Look up common health care terms.

Doctor and Hospital Finder

Check to see if your doctor and hospital are in-network.