2019 News Archive


12/30/2019 Coordinating Care Between Behavioral Health and Medical Providers

12/26/2019 Pharmacist Healthcare Services

12/24/2019 Introducing a New Prior Authorization & Referral Submission Tool via Availity® Provider Portal

12/20/2019 Reminder: Medicare Providers May Not Bill Participants in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program

12/19/2019 Behavioral Health Measures from HEDIS

12/18/2019 National Coordination of CareSM Program for Group Medicare Advantage PPO Members

12/18/2019 2020 Holiday Schedule Reminders (for 835 and 837 transactions)

12/17/2019 Pharmacy Program Updates: Quarterly Pharmacy Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2020 – Part 2

12/16/2019 REMINDER: Medicare Beneficiary Identifier Must be Submitted on Claims

12/16/2019 Eight Steps Toward Health Equity in Diabetes

12/16/2019 Eight Steps Toward Health Equity in Hypertension

12/12/2019 ACO Savings Go Back to Employers and Providers

12/12/2019 Reminder: Out-of-Network Medicare Providers Can Treat Group Medicare Advantage Open Access (PPO) Members

12/11/2019 Reminder of Change to the Preservice Appeals process for your Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Patients

12/09/2019 Notification of Annual Benefit Updates

11/27/2019 Magellan’s New Webinar Series: HEDIS® Measures and a Focus on Coordination of Care

11/27/2019 Magellan Connection 2019: Partnering with PCPs to Manage Behavioral Health Care Needs

11/26/2019 Blue Cross Medicare Advantage 30 Day Readmission

11/22/2019 Fee Schedule Update March 1, 2020

11/21/2019 Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice Required — Annual Reminder

11/19/2019 Pharmacy Program Updates: Quarterly Pharmacy Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2020 – Part 1

11/15/2019 Provider Manual Updates

11/13/2019 Medicare Advantage: Electronic Payment Summary Now Available for 835 ERA Receivers

11/13/2019 Medicare Advantage Additional Payment for Medication Reconciliation Post Discharge

11/13/2019 Change to Online Enrollment Process for 835 EFT & ERA through Availity®

11/12/2019 Recommendations and Reminders for Eye Care Professionals

11/12/2019 New Programs Help Members Lead Healthier Lives

11/12/2019 Medicare Advantage: Interpreting the ‘PLB’ Segment on the 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

11/08/2019 Medicare Advantage: New Claim Status Tool via Availity® Provider Portal

11/08/2019 Important Pre- and Post-Natal Care Information

11/08/2019 Critical Details to Include in Hospital Discharge Summary

11/05/2019 Proper Coding of Adult BMI Assessments

11/04/2019 Be Covered — Increasing Coverage for the Uninsured and Underinsured

11/04/2019 Availity® Remittance Viewer Upgrade

11/01/2019 Behavioral Health Program Changes for AT&T Members, Effective Jan. 1, 2020

10/31/2019 eviCore® Training for Advanced Imaging, Genomic Lab, Joint/Spine/Pain and Sleep Management Services

10/28/2019 Verify Prior Authorization Requirements by Procedure Code via IVR Phone System

10/25/2019 Antibiotic Use in Outpatient Settings

10/25/2019 2020 Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Expansion Service Areas

10/24/2019 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies E&M Coding Professional Provider & Emergency Dept. Services E&M Coding — Facility Services

10/23/2019 New Blue Cross Medicare Group Plan Names and ID Cards

10/21/2019 Health Insurance for American Indians and Alaska Natives

10/21/2019 2020 Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM Prior Authorization Updates

10/18/2019 Risk Adjustment IVA Important Information

10/17/2019 Collaborating to Reduce Opioid Abuse

10/16/2019 What You Need to Know About the 2019-2020 Flu Season

10/15/2019 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies — Preventive Services Policy

10/15/2019 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies — Corrected Claim Submission & Inpatient/Outpatient Unbundling Policy

10/14/2019 Time-Based Measurement Standard to Follow AMA

10/08/2019 Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy for Cancers decision memo from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

10/03/2019 Texas House Bill 29 — Referrals for Physical Therapy

10/03/2019 Cotiviti Denial Rationale and Additional Action(s) Now Available in the Claim Research Tool

10/02/2019 Comprehensive Diabetes Care — HEDIS® Tip Sheets

10/02/2019 Breast Cancer Screening — HEDIS® Tip Sheet

09/30/2019 Preventive Services Clinical Payment and Coding Policy Updated

09/30/2019 Changes to Medicare Advantage Payment Models for Skilled Nursing Facility and Home Health Care Claims

09/28/2019 Review of Implant Claims from Stand-Alone ASCs

09/27/2019 Itemized Bills Required for BlueCard® Claims Over $200k

09/27/2019 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies Updates

09/25/2019 Behavioral Health and Addiction TeleECHO Program

09/25/2019 2020 New Prior Authorization Requirements and Introduction of MyBlue HealthSM

09/23/2019 FEP® Blue Focus Prior Approval Reminder

09/18/2019 Laboratory Benefit Cost-Share Change

09/09/2019 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Notice of Change to Reimbursement System for SNF and Home Health

08/29/2019 Respond Electronically to Medical Record Requests for Claims

08/28/2019 New Addresses for Submitting Payments for Claim Refund Requests

08/26/2019 Updates to Clinical Practice Guidelines

08/21/2019 Exciting New Functionality to the Claim Research Tool (CRT)

08/21/2019 Celebrate September! More Fruits & Veggies Matters Month

08/21/2019 Well-Child Visits Within the First 15 Months of Life

08/19/2019 MyBlue HealthSM Network Update

08/19/2019 Medicare Advantage Updates to Provider Finder Coming in September 2019

08/09/2019 IVR Phone System Enhancement

08/07/2019 Reminder CMS Requires Insurers to Conduct ACA Risk Adjustment Program Audit

08/05/2019 Reimbursement for Failed Neulasta® Onpro® Devices

07/31/2019 New Clinical Payment and Coding Policy

07/31/2019 Effective Date Postponed for Prior Authorization Changes for H-E-B Partners

07/31/2019 Automated Phone System Offers More Service Options for Medicare Advantage

07/31/2019 Allergy Services

07/30/2019 New Online Case and Credentialing Status Checkers

07/26/2019 Reminder: Verify Procedure Code Prior Authorization Requirements Online

07/26/2019 BCBSTX HEDIS® Tip Sheet — Adult BMI Assessment (ABA)

07/24/2019 Mammography Screening for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

07/24/2019 UT Select Member Prior Authorization Changes Effective 09/01/2019

07/23/2019 Updates to 3 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies

07/22/2019 Notice of Change to Preservice Appeals process for your Blue Cross Medicare AdvantageSM Patients

07/22/2019 Member Letters Have a New Look!

07/19/2019 Removal of Prior Authorization Requirements for Your Medicare Advantage Patients

07/16/2019 Availity® Claim Research Tool Offers Enhanced Claim Status Results

07/12/2019 intelliPathSM Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) through eviCore®

07/10/2019 Correction: New Genetic Testing and Revised Sleep Study Prior Authorization Requirements for H-E-B Partners with Blue 

07/08/2019 eviCore® Prior Authorization Training — Obstetrical Ultrasound

06/27/2019 Update to the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Prior Authorization List effective 05/01/2019

06/27/2019 Keys to Unlocking a Great Discharge Summary

06/21/2019 Living365® “Managing Your Asthma/COPD” Classes Available for Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

06/20/2019 Clarification: Updates to Behavioral Health Claim Review Process

06/19/2019 City of Austin Member Prior Authorization Changes

06/14/2019 While ADHD Diagnosis Rises, Treatment Patterns Fall Short

06/13/2019 Out-of-State Provider Notification: Contact Your Local Plan for Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment

06/12/2019 Quarterly Pharmacy Changes Effective July 1, 2019

06/11/2019 Reporting On-Demand Application Now Available for Medicare Advantage via Availity® Provider Portal

05/29/2019 New BCBSTX Network MyBlue HealthSM

05/29/2019 Changes to Specialty Drugs Prior Authorization List: Always check Prior Authorization Requirements

05/17/2019 In-home Colorectal Cancer Screening Test Provided to Select Members

05/15/2019 Network Participation Page Revisions are here!

05/15/2019 Helping Patients Find Cost-Effective Knee/Hip Replacements

05/15/2019 BCBSTX Now Offers a Choice in Pharmacies for Specialty Medications

05/06/2019 Insurers Required by CMS to Conduct ACA Risk Adjustment Program Audit

05/01/2019 Revised Clinical Payment and Coding Policies

05/01/2019 Change for American Airlines Members to Prior Authorization Requirements for Spinal Fusion Surgery Procedures to eviCore

04/29/2019 New Genetic Testing and Revised Sleep Study Prior Authorization Requirements for H-E-B Partners with Blue Choice PPOSM

04/25/2019 Save Time by Using eviCore Web Portal for Prior Authorization Requests

04/22/2019 The New Great Depression

04/18/2019 Making an Impact in Our Community

04/17/2019 Bringing Relief to the Urban Food Desert in the Dallas Area

04/16/2019 Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Laboratory Panel Billing Guideline

04/12/2019 Revised Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Level of Care Authorization and Reimbursement Policy

04/08/2019 Change in Reject Notification for Invalid National Drug Codes (NDCs) Used on Electronic Medicare Advantage Claims

04/08/2019 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Announces New Partnership with Sanitas

04/05/2019 Check Your Patients' Behavioral Health Prior Authorization Requirements

04/05/2019 Imaging Studies for Low Back Pain

04/05/2019 eviCore® Prior Authorization Training – MSK Services and OB Ultrasound

04/01/2019 eviCore Prior Authorization Requirements

03/29/2019 Revised Change of Ownership-CHOW Form now available

03/29/2019 BCBSTX Plans and Referral Requirements

03/29/2019 Three-Character Prefix on Member ID Cards

03/28/2019 Updates to Clinical Payment and Coding Policies

03/28/2019 New Texas Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Trauma Activation

03/28/2019 Revised Texas Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Telemedicine and Telehealth Services

03/26/2019 Living365® Diabetes Classes for Members

03/22/2019 New Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Multiple Surgery Procedures

03/22/2019 Transferring Hospital DRG Rate Calculation and Discharge Status Code Addition  

03/21/2019 Replacement Codes Updated on ERS Specialty Drug List

03/18/2019 Updates to 3 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies

03/18/2019 Provider Onboarding Form User Guide Now Available

03/18/2019 Quarterly Pharmacy Changes Effective April 1, 2019

03/13/2019 Check Eligibility and Benefits: Don't skip this important first step!

03/12/2019 Are You Using Shared Decision-Making Aids?

03/12/2019 Quality Improvement Program Information Available to Providers

03/10/2019 Transferring Hospital DRG Rate Calculation and Discharge Status Code Addition

02/20/19 Billing BCBSTX Members Additional Fees

02/18/2019 Update to Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Increased Procedural Services (Modifier 22)

02/15/2019 Navigating Provider Finder®

02/15/2019 BCBSTX’s Payer Spaces Updates in Availity® Provider Portal

02/14/2019 Update to Clinical Payment and Coding Policy — Psychological and Neurological Testing

02/12/2019 Submit Benefit Prior Authorization Requests Online for Intensive Outpatient Program and Electroconvulsive Therapy Services

02/12/2019  March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

02/11/2019  TX Government Programs Verifying Claims Status in Availity Update

02/06/2019 Pharmacy Program Updates: Quarterly Pharmacy Changes and Pharmacy Network Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2019

02/01/2019 Why Doctors Review Health Insurance Claims

01/28/2019 Radiology Quality Initiative (RQI) Program is Business as Usual

01/25/2019 Checking Prior Authorization Requirements by Procedure Code on Availity®

01/22/2019 Reminder for Physicians: Postoperative Care Included in the Global Surgical Reimbursement Rate

01/21/2019 Behavioral Health Care Providers: We Need Your Help to Improve Access to Care!

01/18/2019 Leverage the Availity® Provider Portal for Efficiencies and Cost Savings

01/17/2019 Clinical Payment and Coding Policies — Preventive Services Policy

01/15/2019 Annual Medical Record Data Collection for Quality Reporting Begins Feb. 1, 2019

01/08/2019 Hold Times and Yearly Eligibility Changes

01/04/2019 New Opioid Drug Management Program for Medicare Members

01/02/2019 2019 annual notice to providers of contract application process

01/01/2019 Preventive Care Guidelines Are Available


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