Celebrate September! More Fruits & Veggies Matters Month

Aug. 21, 2019

Whether it's introducing a recommended diet for a child or teen's wellness or changing the habits of parents to lower their risk for disease and improve Body Mass Index (BMI), there is always room to share suggestions and resources with your patients.

We know the importance of a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. We also know that most of us are not eating enough of them. You can help a child or teen and the whole family with documented screening and nutrition counseling during office visits.

Parents can serve as role models for their children starting and staying with healthy diet habits. You can also influence these habits by sharing the following examples and resources during your visit. You can help jump-start a change and encourage their intake of fruits and vegetables. Here are just a few examples you can discuss during counseling:

  • Keep fresh fruit in a place kids can reach easily
  • Vegetables can be dipped in hummus (made from chickpeas)
  • Take healthy snacks on the go in a small reusable container or baggie
    • Unsalted nuts and unsweetened dried fruits
    • Low-fat string cheese sticks
  • 10-Tips: Kid-friendly Veggies and Fruits Learn more about third-party links1 example recipes include:
    • Smoothie creations
    • Caterpillar kabobs
    • Bugs on a log
    • Personalized pizzas
    • Homemade trail mix
    • Fruity peanut butterfly
  • Buy and serve more vegetables and fruits
  • Let the child or teen help pick out healthy foods to try when shopping
  • Healthy snacks give kids important nutrients and help control hunger between meals
  • Help your child stay at a healthy weight Learn more about third-party links2

Be sure to check out the links above for family-friendly handouts you can print to reinforce your counseling, or you can share these sites with your members.

Please celebrate September with us and make fruits and vegetables matter!  Thank you for joining us in standing with our members in sickness and in health!

1-USDA Choose My Plate