Disclosure Notices

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) uses the BCBSTX Provider website to publish disclosure notices. The website allows BCBSTX to disclose changes in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Disclosure notices are subject to being posted either 60 or 90 days in advance of the effective date of the change with as much notice as is practicable and in compliance with applicable state or federal law.

Disclosure notices can include but are not limited to fee schedule updates and reimbursement policies, clinical payment and coding policies, provider manuals and/or benefit and medical policy changes which may impact claim payments.

If you need assistance accessing this information on the BCBSTX Provider website, please contact your Network Management office.

Note —Disclosures related to Clinical Payment and Coding Policies (CPCP) will indicate CPCP and the policy number followed by the title of the policy.



Notice Posted Effective

ClaimsXten™ Quarterly Update Effective Aug. 22, 2022

05/06/2022 08/22/2022

Prior Authorization Code Update Effective 8/1/22 for Commercial Members

05/05/2022 08/01/2022

CPCP012 Hernia Repair Updated Effective 08/04/2022

05/02/2022 08/04/2022

Fee Schedule Update for Procedure Codes 97151 and 97152

04/29/2022 08/01/2022

BCBSTX to Recommend Preferred Drugs through Enhanced Prior Authorization

04/29/2022 08/01/2022

CPCP028 Non-Reimbursable Experimental, Investigational and/or Unproven Services Update 08/01/2022

04/27/2022 08/01/2022

CPCP023 Modifier Reference Policy Effective 07/15/2022

04/14/2022 07/15/2022

Change Coming to FEP Out-of-State Claims Processing

03/15/2022 06/15/2022

CPCP014 Global Surgical Services – Professional Providers – Effective 06/13/22

03/11/2022 06/13/2022

ClaimsXten™ Quarterly Update Effective June 13, 2022

03/03/2022 06/13/2022

CPCP024 Evaluation & Management Coding - Professional Services Update

02/02/2022 05/01/2022

POSTPONED AS OF 03/25/2022 New Laboratory Management Program & Related Clinical Payment and Coding Policies to Begin on May 1, 2022

01/31/2022 05/01/2022

CPCP028 Non-Reimbursable Experimental, Investigational and/or Unproven Services Update

01/14/2022 04/15/2022

Pneumatic Compression Devices – Outpatient Use Update

01/10/2022 04/12/2022

ClaimsXtenTM Quarterly Update Effective April 11, 2022

01/10/2022 04/11/2022