Provider Onboarding Form User Guide Now Available

March 18, 2019

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of TX (BCBSTX) welcomes providers to apply to join our networks. We made the process of applying for a BCBSTX Provider Record ID and joining our networks even faster and easier. Prospective providers can now complete our electronic Provider Onboarding Form.

The Provider Onboarding Form is used by BCBSTX to set up a Provider Record ID and if indicated by the provider, request contracts for the networks they would like to participate in. For best results, utilize Google Chrome when completing the Provider Onboarding form. The electronic Provider Onboarding Form and the Provider Onboarding Form User Guide are located on the provider website under Network Participation/How to Join section. The Provider Onboarding Form User Guide is available for your review to help make the application process easier and faster.

The Provider Onboarding Form should be filled out by the following interested providers:

  • Individual providers that would be new to our networks
  • Groups and clinics that would be new to our networks
  • Existing contracted groups or clinics who are adding a new provider
  • Providers needing to submit claims electronically as an out-of-network provider

If you have any questions, or if you need additional information, please visit our provider website or contact your local BCBSTX Network Management Representative.