General Reimbursement Information

The following resources provide you with the information needed to administer Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) plans for your patients. You can find provider manuals, reimbursement documents and procedures.

General Information

Anesthesia Payment and Billing Update

Fee Schedule Requests:

Participating Professional Provider Fee Schedule Requests:

 Ancillary/Hospital Fee Schedule Request Form        

ClaimsXten Rule Descriptions

Clear Claim Connection

Outpatient Surgery Codes with Reimbursement Increase When Performed at an Ambulatory Surgery Center 

Provider Manuals

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Recoupment Process

Refund Policy

Reimbursement Schedules and Related Information (Secure Content)

This section provides additional reimbursement details. In-network providers will need to enter a password to access this section of the site. If you do not know the password, please contact your Network Management office.