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Blue Cross Group Medicare Options℠

Many companies provide employer-sponsored Medicare coverage options to their retirees. These retiree options can include Medicare Advantage, prescription drug, and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

Richer Benefits, Lower Costs

Employer-sponsored plans are often custom designed with rich benefits and lower retiree expenses than individual Medicare plans, and they are usually offered to both retirees and their Medicare-eligible spouses. Many employers help their retirees with subsidies to reduce premiums and cost-sharing.

Employer-Sponsored Medicare Plan Options

Retirees may be offered these plans: 
Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage Open Access (PPO)SM Plan

Choose providers that accept Medicare nationwide without network restrictions at the same benefit levels for in and out of network providers. Providers must 1) accept Medicare; 2) agree to see you as a patient; and 3) agree to bill Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). You must continue to pay your Part B premium.

Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage (PPO)SM Plan

See providers both in and out of network. Care provided by a network provider will likely cost less than if you see an out-of-network provider. You do not have to choose a primary care provider (PCP) and can get care from a specialist without a referral. You must continue to pay your Part B premium.

Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage (HMO)SM Plan

Members are only covered when they seek care in-network, except for emergencies. A PCP must refer them to a specialist. You must continue to pay your Part B premium.

Blue Cross Group MedicareRx (PDP)SM Plan

Get coverage for your prescription drugs. Part D plans enhance Original Medicare and BlueStagesSM Medicare Supplement Insurance policies and provide members with access to over 64,000 pharmacies. The drug list has the most commonly prescribed medications and low copays for generics.

BlueStagesSM Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance plan helps to pay for expenses beyond what is covered by Medicare Parts A and B but does not include prescription drugs. Members can seek care from any provider that accepts Medicare. You must continue to pay your Part B premium.

Next Steps

BCBSTX members can easily move from their employee plan to their group retiree Medicare plan. If you are retiring soon or becoming eligible for your retiree group Medicare plan, please contact your Human Resources department or benefits administrator to learn about your plan options and how to enroll. 

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Last Updated: Nov. 21, 2022