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Women’s and Family Health

TRS-ActiveCare has the tools and resources for women's health, pregnancy, parenting support and menopause.

Find an OB-GYN

An obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) specializes in women’s health care. That care includes pregnancy and childbirth, but also annual well-woman exams, preventive health screenings, hormonal disorders, and more. When choosing an OB-GYN, consider your preferences. You can use Provider Finder® to search for an in-network OB-GYN that fits with your needs and values.

Well-Woman Visits

Well-woman visits are different from visits for sickness and injury. Well-woman visits focus on preventive care.

During these visits, you will:  

  • document your general health information, medications, and family medical history
  • discuss your menstrual cycle, whether you’re sexually active, and if you’ve been pregnant before
  • get a physical exam that includes a breast and pelvic exam to screen for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or other health issues
  • receive counseling to help you make informed health decisions, like birth control options, based on your needs and preferences

Ovia HealthTM

Ovia Health apps can support you with health trackers, videos, tips, coaching, and more.

Ovia — Health, Fertility and Menopause Support. Track your health status and know when you’re most likely to become pregnant, or receive support as you transition into menopause.

Ovia Pregnancy — Pregnancy and Postpartum. Support a happy and healthy pregnancy, where you can look up food and medication safety, connect with a registered nurse, watch the baby grow week by week, and plan a return to work.

Ovia Parenting — Family and Working Parents. Support for the early years of parenting, including tracking the baby's growth and milestones.

Download the Ovia Health apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There is more information in the Ovia Health flier.

High-risk pregnancy

If a pregnancy is considered high risk, you can get additional support over the phone from a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) maternity specialists. A maternity specialist will contact you after the first trimester if the pregnancy has been determined high risk by the OB-GYN. 

Maternity Coverage

With TRS-ActiveCare, maternity care is covered under global billing, meaning you aren’t billed until after your baby is born. Depending on your specific TRS-ActiveCare health plan, copays and coinsurance may still apply to your first doctor’s visit if your deductible hasn’t been met, or if you need a certain test or procedure outside of routine prenatal care.

You can research and compare costs for any non-routine test or procedure before your appointment by logging in Blue Access for Members and using the cost estimate tool.

Well onTarget®

Well onTarget offers digital self-guided courses to support healthy pregnancies through every stage. Topics include healthy foods, body changes, and labor. And, for each course completed, you earn Blue PointsSM to redeem things like gift cards and home goods – anything that motivates you to keep making healthy choices for you and your baby.

To get started:

  • Log in to Well onTarget with your Blue Access for MembersSM username and password
  • Download the Well onTarget AlwaysOn® wellness app

Added Value

  • Electric breast pumps limited to two per plan year (hospital-grade breast pumps are covered up to $150)
  • Lactation counseling services, six visits per plan year covered at 100%
  • Family planning services, including contraception options

If you have any questions or need help, connect with a Personal Health Guide (PHG) 24/7 for all the benefits mentioned above and more. Call 1-866-355-5999 or chat through the BCBSTX App to:

  • locate an OB-GYN and eventually a pediatrician
  • review maternity benefits and coverage
  • explain billing
  • add newborn to health plan
  • coordinate prior authorizations

You can even download this helpful Maternity Wellness flier. The flier is also available in Spanish.

Ovia Health is an independent company that has contracted with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to provide maternity and family benefits solutions for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

The Well onTarget program is offered to you as a part of your employer-sponsored benefits. Participation in the Well onTarget program, including the completion of a Health Assessment, is voluntary and you are not required to participate.

BCBSTX makes no endorsement, representations, or warranties regarding third-party vendors. Members should contact the vendor directly with questions about the products or services offered by third parties