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Health Advisors

After a significant health issue, you may need extra support. Health Advisors from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) are available to help you and your covered dependents at no additional cost.

Health Advisors are nurses and other medical professionals who help you stay as healthy as possible. BCBSTX may call to help you:

  • learn how to manage a chronic condition
  • get the care you need for serious illnesses or injuries
  • manage a high-risk pregnancy
  • if you’ve been in the hospital or had a major surgery

If you see a call from BCBSTX, be sure to pick up or call back. We may be checking in to make sure you’re healing well and understand your treatment plan or to see if you need details about your coverage. A Health Advisor can also make appointments for you for things like follow-ups and physical therapy.

Download the Health Advisor - Take the Call flier.