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2020-21 TRS-ActiveCare Annual Enrollment

Welcome to the TRS-ActiveCare Annual Enrollment interactive video series, featuring your 2020-21 TRS-ActiveCare health plan options.

TRS-ActiveCare Annual Enrollment Video Series

In this video series, you’ll learn about:

  • Two new health plans, TRS-ActiveCare Primary and TRS-ActiveCare Primary+, that offer physician-directed coverage
  • Two nationwide, broad health plans, TRS-ActiveCare HD and TRS-ActiveCare 2
  • Three regional HMO options
  • New wellness benefits offered with all of the new health plans, such as $0 preventive care and $0 telemedicine on three of the plans
  • How to find, choose and change a Primary Care Provider 

You can watch the whole set from beginning to end to learn about all your coverage options and wellness benefits, or you can go directly to the topics that are of interest to you.

Annual Enrollment Guide

The 2020-21 TRS-ActiveCare Annual Enrollment guide is here! You’ll find everything you need to choose and enroll in the TRS-ActiveCare health plan that is best for you and your family. The guide also has information about TRS-ActiveCare pharmacy and wellness benefits.

The 2020-21 TRS-ActiveCare plans offer:

  • Improved pricing
  • Enhanced benefits
  • Lower premiums for family coverage
  • A wider network of providers and hospitals
  • Many wellness-focused tools and resources

There are four TRS-ActiveCare health plans administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, including two new statewide physician-directed plans. There are also three regional HMO plans.