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Signs of Depression

If you're in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, anytime.

How to Tell Sadness from Depression

You've been crying nonstop, and nothing makes you feel better. Or you feel nothing at all and can't muster the energy even to do simple tasks. The stuff you usually enjoy feels like too much to tackle. You may have depression.

  • Symptoms of Depression

    If you've been experiencing any of these signs or symptoms for two weeks or more, you could be suffering from depression:

    • Feeling sad, empty, or hopeless
    • Excessive worrying or fear
    • Increased irritability or anger
    • Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless
    • Lacking interest in favorite hobbies and social activities
    • Low energy or increased fatigue
    • Feeling restless or having trouble sitting still
    • Confusion or difficulty concentrating
    • Trouble making decisions
    • Extreme mood changes
    • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
    • Changes in sex drive
    • Changes in weight or appetite
    • Overuse of alcohol or drugs
    • Thoughts of death or suicide attempts
    • Aches or pains that have no apparent physical cause or that don't get better with treatment

    Women might also have symptoms of depression because of hormone changes. If you're experiencing any of the above related to menstruation, pregnancy, delivery, or menopause, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your Primary Care Provider or OB/GYN.

  • Getting Help

    Most people with depression need treatment to get better. You have mental health benefits through your health plan, and visits are covered at the same rate as medical health visits. See the Mental Health Benefits section below for in-network mental health coverage.

    You can find an in-network therapist or other mental health provider by calling a Personal Health Guide at 1-866-355-5999, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also have access to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas’ (BCBSTX) 24/7 Nurseline. You can call 1-833-968-1770, anytime, day or night, to speak to a nurse.

    Your plan includes the interactive Well onTarget® program. Through this program, you’ll find many resources about mental health, including tips for finding a provider and videos and articles about conditions like depression and anxiety.

  • Mental Health Benefits

    Every TRS-Active Care plan covers outpatient mental health services such as therapy appointments and inpatient services like hospitalization. Review the Coverage and Benefits section for coverage.

    You can also see an in-network therapist or psychiatrist online or over the phone through TRS Virtual Health powered by Teladoc®.

    To search for an in-network provider, visit our Provider Finder