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Resources To Help You Save Money on Health Care

There are numerous savings tools built right into your TRS-ActiveCare plan. If you don’t know about all the available resources, you might be paying too much for your health care. 

Additionally, you can brush up on common health insurance words and phrases that you often see to fully understand your plan. This can also help you save money.

Personal Health Guides

Personal Health Guides (PHGs) are plan experts available 24/7 at no added cost to you. A PHG can help you save money, navigate your health plan, and maximize your benefits.

Connect with a PHG 24/7 at 1-866-355-5999 or through the BCBSTX App.

Learn More about Personal Health Guides

Know Where to Go for Care

It can be hard to know where to go for care when you have a stomachache, a fever, or even an emergency like heart palpitations.

Freestanding ERs may seem like a good thing because it gives you an option for care. But what you don’t know about them is that they could hurt you – and your wallet.

Top 3 reasons to beware of freestanding ERs:

  1. High costs – $3,000 is the average cost of a non-emergency freestanding ER visit in Texas. 
  2. Lack of quality care – 90% of freestanding ER patients could’ve gotten treatment for much less elsewhere. 
  3. Delayed care – Only 2.3% of freestanding ER visits require emergency care. 

Learn More about Where to Go for Care

Value of a PCP

Want to get and stay healthy while saving money? Having a Primacy Care Provider (PCP) can help. With a PCP, you’ll have somebody in your corner ensuring you get the care you need. If you don’t already have a relationship with a PCP, find one today and schedule a wellness exam.

Learn More about the Value of a PCP

Member Rewards

This program rewards you for choosing a cost-effective, trusted provider for services like MRIs, CT scans, colonoscopies, and mammograms. You can earn up to $599 per person, per plan year!

For the TRS-ActiveCare Primary, TRS-ActiveCare Primary+ and TRS-ActiveCare 2 Plans:

  • Your rewards may apply toward the costs of future medical or pharmacy expenses by reducing copays or coinsurance for you and your covered dependents.

For the TRS-ActiveCare HD Plan:

  • Your rewards may apply toward incurred dental and vision expenses.

Learn more about Member Rewards

Save on Medications

CVS Caremark® administers your prescription drug plan. You have options for filling your prescriptions and saving on your medications with short-term (31-day supply) and long term (90-day supply) prescriptions that fit your need.

CVS also has a cost estimator tool and can deliver prescriptions to your door!

Learn more about CVS Caremark

NEW for Sept. 1, 2022: PrudentRx is a cost‑saving prescription program for $0 specialty medications. This could save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars if you need specialty medication to treat a chronic condition.

PrudentRx is available for TRS-ActiveCare Primary, TRS-ActiveCare Primary+, and TRS-ActiveCare 2.

Learn More about PrudentRx

Health Advisor

Health Advisors are specially trained medical professionals available to help you and your family at no cost who are able to help navigate care when needed. 

Learn more about Health Advisors

Hinge Health

Get expert treatment from the comfort of your home with physical therapy through Hinge Health. Whether you're recovering from an injury, preparing for a surgery or want to overcome back and joint pain, you can apply now for this program.

Please note: This program is only available for Educational Service Center (ESC) regions 4, 6, 10 and 11 (DFW and Houston areas). If you aren't sure what ESC you're in, find out here.

Learn More about Hinge Health


Begin your recovery journey from the comfort of your home with personalized treatment plans through Airrosti. Learn more about the source of your pain or injury, how to fix it as quickly as possible, and if Airrosti is right for you.

Please note: This program is only available for Educational Service Center (ESC) regions 4, 6, 10 and 11 (DFW and Houston areas). If you aren't sure what ESC you're in, find out here. It's not available for the TRS-ActiveCare HD plan.

Learn More about Airrosti