Hospitals and Routine Services and Supplies

March 19, 2021

Routine services and supplies are generally already included by the provider in charges related to other procedures or services. As such, these items are considered non-billable for separate reimbursement. The following guidelines may assist hospital personnel in identifying items, supplies, and services that are not separately billable (this is not an all- inclusive list):

  • Any supplies, items and services that are necessary or otherwise integral to the provision of a specific service and/or the delivery of services in a specific location are considered routine services and not separately billable in the inpatient and outpatient environments.
  • All items and supplies that may be purchased over-the-counter are not separately billable.
  • All reusable items, supplies and equipment that are provided to all patients:
    • During an inpatient or outpatient admission are not separately billable.
    • Admitted to a given treatment area or units are not separately billable.
    • Receiving the same service are not separately billable.