In-home Colorectal Cancer Screening Test for Eligible Members

May 26, 2020

Members in our Blue Advantage HMOSM, Blue Advantage PlusSM HMO and MyBlue HealthSM networks may be able to receive free colorectal cancer screening kits through their local Walmart pharmacy or mailed to their home.

About the FIT Kit

This is a pilot program to encourage our members age 50 to 75 to be screened for colorectal cancer. We are working with BioIQ, an independent company to provide the in-home Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) Kits. In-home screening may be a good option for those at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. FIT tests are one of the most accurate and recommended screening tests1 Learn more about third-party links. Studies have shown that the FIT is significantly less likely to indicate a false positive2 Learn more about third-party links than similar tests. This may lead to fewer invasive tests and harmful complications.

How it works

Eligible members who use certain Walmart pharmacies will be flagged in the Walmart Pharmacy system. When a selected member visits Walmart to pick up their prescriptions, pharmacy staff will talk to them about colorectal cancer screening and the pilot program.

If the member chooses to participate, the pharmacy staff will either give them a free FIT Kit or one will be mailed to their home. The member will complete the Kit at home. The FIT Kit has easy-to-follow directions for collecting a fecal sample and sending it for processing. LabCorp will process the tests and BioIQ will mail the results to the member and their primary care provider (PCP).

How You Can Help

  • Discuss the importance of colorectal cancer screening and a healthy lifestyle with our members.
  • If members call your office with questions about the FIT Kit, encourage them to complete the screening as soon as possible.
  • If you receive a result from BioIQ, save it in the member’s medical record and discuss with the member

Information about Colorectal Cancer Screening

About one-third of adults 50 years or older have not been screened as recommended3 Learn more about third-party links. This is about 22 million people in the age group at greatest risk of developing colorectal cancer. The American Gastroenterology Association classifies colorectal cancer screenings into three tiers1 Learn more about third-party links:

  • First-tier, the cornerstones of screening:
    • Colonoscopy (every 10 years)
    • Annual fecal immunochemical test (FIT)
  • Second-tier, appropriate screening tests that have disadvantages to the first-tier tests:
    • CT colonography every five years
    • FIT-fecal DNA test every three years
    • Flexible sigmoidoscopy every five to 10 years
  • Third-tier, limited evidence and obstacles to use:
    • Capsule colonoscopy, every five years

Have questions?

Contact your local Network Management Office. Members can call the number on their member ID card.


1Colorectal Cancer Screening: Recommendations for Physicians and Patients From the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer

2U.S. Preventive Task Force – Colorectal Cancer: Screening

2 CDC, Screen for Life: National Colorectal Cancer Action Campaign, July 1, 2019, Learn more about third-party links

BioQ is an independent company that provides health screenings for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.

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