Join ParPlan

April 27, 2020

ParPlan is a program open to physicians and other providers whether you are contracted in our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) provider networks or not. The ParPlan contract is a legal contract designed for the mutual protection of members, providers and our company. The common objective of ParPlan is to offer convenient, cost effective medical services to our company's subscribers.

The advantages of ParPlan:

  • Does not require credentialing
  • Provider will file the member's claims
  • The member's out of pocket expenses are limited to the deductible and cost share amounts (coinsurance and copayments)
  • Providers will accept BCBSTX allowable amounts and not bill the member over the allowable amount
  • You will be included in the directory of ParPlan Providers

The ParPlan contract agreement can be obtained and the signed contract submitted as follows:

The ParPlan contract must be signed by the:

  • authorized signatory for group providers and hospitals providers
  • provider for solo practitioners

Note: By signing a ParPlan contract, the provider is only active in ParPlan, not any other networks. Providers would need to sign the appropriate network agreements to be active in those networks. We appreciate your consideration in becoming a ParPlan provider and for participating, if you are already contracted.