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Coverage and Benefits

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas coverage includes a range of benefits to help participants get and stay healthy. From comparing rates, finding the right care and figuring out health care costs, we are here for you and them.

Plan Highlights

TRS-ActiveCare participants have three plan options. Learn more about how much it could cost each month.

Admin Guide

Your guide to success as a Benefits Administrator.

Annual Enrollment Guide

The TRS-ActiveCare Annual Enrollment Guide contains details about each health plan, wellness benefits and other important information in an easy to read and searchable digital flipbook.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)

Learn more about what the health plan covers and how much participants pay for services.

Benefits Booklets

The TRS-ActiveCare Benefits Booklet is a complete detailed overview of the health plan.

Resource Guides

Each TRS-ActiveCare plan has an in-depth Resource Guide that contains helpful plan information, wellness benefits and more.