Electronic Refund Management (ERM)

This on-line refund management tool will help simplify overpayment reconciliation and related processes. The eRM application is available at no additional charge.

  • Enjoy single sign-on through Availity®. (Note: You must be a registered user with Availity to take advantage of eRM. To register visit the Availity Web site  for more information.)
  1. Receive electronic notifications of overpayments to help reduce record maintenance costs.
  2. View overpayment requests – search/filter by type of request, get more details and obtain real-time transaction history for each request.
  3. Inquire about, dispute or appeal requests on-line.
  4. Settle your overpayment requests – Have BCBSTX deduct the dollars from a future claim payment. Details will appear on your PCS or EPS; information in your eRM transaction history can also assist with recoupment reconciliations.
  5. Pay by check – You will use eRM to generate a remittance form showing your refund details. One or multiple requests may be refunded to BCBSTX; check number(s) will show on-line.
  6. Submit unsolicited refunds – If you identify a credit balance, you can elect to submit it on-line and refund your payment to BCBSTX by check, or have the refund deducted from a future claim payment.
  7. Stay aware with system Alerts – You will receive notification in certain situations, such as if BCBSTX has responded to your inquiry or if a claim check has been stopped.

How to Gain Access to eRM
Availity Users  
Click on the HCSC Refund Management link under the "Claims Management" tab. If you are unable to access this link, please contact your Primary Access Administrator (PAA). If you do not know who your Primary Access Administrator is, click on Who controls my access? You may also contact Availity Client Services at (800) AVAILITY (282-4548) for assistance, or visit the

On-Demand Training

An eRM tutorial  is available to show you how to navigate the features of the eRM tool. Log in at your convenience to complete the tutorial and use it as a reference when needed.