Electronic Claim Review and Ensuring the Correct Use of our Claim Review Form


Electronic claim review through Availity® Essentials is fast and easy and is the preferred method of submission.

If you’re unable to submit electronically, you can submit by paper, using our Claim Review Form, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas must have all the information requested to complete a proper claim review. Effective August 1, 2024, we’ll return any incomplete form without conducting the claim review.

Here are some helpful tips when submitting a claim review form:

  • These requests are only to be used for review of a previously adjudicated claim.
  • Don’t attach the original claims to a review form, rather, you’ll reference the claim number in the appropriate field on the form
  • Don’t use this form to submit a corrected claim, instead, use our Corrected Claim Form
  • Don’t use this form to respond to an additional information request. Use the Additional Information Form.
  • If you submit this form as a request for a second review, you must provide information not previously submitted for the review to be eligible.

Reminder: Electronic submission is your fastest path to an efficient claim review at Availity® Essentials. Be sure to provide all required information as we won’t review electronic inquiries received with incomplete information.

Submit a Claim Review Online, Fast

To submit an online claim review request via Availity Essentials:

  • First, perform a Claim Status search utilizing the Member or Claim tab;
  • Second, use the Dispute Claim or Message This Payer option to request a claim review;
  • Third, complete all needed information.

More Information

Learn more at our Claim Filing Tips web page.


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