Electronic Funds Transmission (EFT) / Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Electronic Solutions for an Efficient Office

What are the advantages of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Payment Summary (EPS)?

  • No more lost or stolen checks
  • Quicker access to your funds
  • Increased security of information
  • Less time spent on claims tracking
  • Expedited patient account reconciliation
  • Easier retrieval of archived data

Electronic Solutions Simplified

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a secure method of claims payment. BCBSTX electronically transfers funds directly into the bank account of your choice.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an electronic file that explains claim payment and remittance information. The ERA is received the day after claim finalization. The HIPAA compliant format can be automatically posted to your patient accounting system.
  • Electronic Payment Summary (EPS) is an electronic print image of the Provider Claim Summary (PCS). It provides the same payment information as a paper PCS. It is received in your office the same day your ERA is delivered.

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For more detailed information regarding these electronic solutions, go to the Electronic Options Tutorial offered above under EFT/ERA Resources.

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