Outpatient Claim Submission Reminders for Facility Providers

If you are an institutional provider who submits outpatient claims on paper and/or electronically, please be advised of the following information:

An outpatient HCPCS procedure code is required at the service line level, if applicable, in the following locations:

  • Paper claims — On the UB-04 paper claim form, enter the HCPCS code in Form Locator 44.
  • Electronic claims — On the ANSI 837I (V4010A1) transaction, include the Qualifier "HC" in Service Line Loop 2400, Segment SV202-1; and include the HCPCS procedure code in Segment SV202-2.

To help avoid claim processing delays, you should not use HCPCS codes to report hospital outpatient services at the claim level — UB-04 Form Locator 74 (74a-74e) and ANSI 837I V4010A1 Claim Level Loop 2300 HI Segment. Populating these fields is required only when you submit inpatient claims.

Reminder: The ICD-9-CM procedure codes are specified as the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard code set for inpatient hospital procedures. ICD-9-CM procedure codes should not be reported on outpatient hospital claims.

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