Online Claim Status for BlueCard® Inquiries

BlueCard is the method used for portability between the different Blue plans. It enables members to access each state's network of providers. Claims identified as BlueCard claims are processed in our system with specific group numbers that may not be the actual group number assigned by the member's home plan.

Availity®'s online claims status provides functionalities that allow you the ability to prioritize your day. We want you to take full advantage of what Availity has to offer. Routinely, when accessing claim status, you would enter the member's group and identification number along with the appropriate dates of service.

When you're searching for BlueCard claim status you MUST enter the internal claim number versus the group and identification numbers. The claim number can be found on the payer response report provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. This type of report is called the "Daily Sender/Payer confirmation Report." This claim number will also be listed on the Provider Claim, as well. The report name may not be the same for every provider. Some software vendors/clearinghouses reformat our report and can have a different name of the report within their process. If the provider does receive these reports (and some do not), they will know the status of the claim.

What type of information can be obtained?

This tool allows you to expand your service options and eliminate some of your agent resource inquiries. Availity's online claim status provides:

  • Detailed claim level status
  • Detailed line item status
  • Check issue date
  • Check number and more

Access Available: Monday through Saturday: 6 a.m. — Midnight CST

For additional information related to signing up as a new user, login access, session/password resets and or additional questions, please contact Availity at 1-800-Availity (1-800-282-4548).

Note: There is no charge for this service.


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