Information Change Request

When seeking health care services, our members often rely upon the information in our online Provider Finder®. This is just one of the reasons why it’s very important that you inform Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) whenever any of your practice information changes. As a provider, we ask that you provide ALL applicable information to avoid delays. Changes are not immediate upon request submission. Change(s) may take up to 30 business days, so we ask that you always consider the impact of your change and the timeliness of your submission. Refer to Navigating Provider Finder PDF Document for assistance on checking Provider Finder for your information and for locating other specialists and health care providers.

Demographic Changes

If you need to change existing demographic information, complete the Demographic Change Form Learn more about third-party links to initiate the process. Some of these changes include:

  • Legal Name
  • NPI/Tax ID
  • Office Physical Address/Telephone/Fax/Email/Hours of Operation
  • Billing Address/Telephone/Fax/Email
  • Satellite Location Address/Telephone/Fax/Email/Hours of Operation
  • Credentialing Address/Telephone/Fax/Email
  • Administrative Correspondence Address/Telephone/Fax/Email
  • Other Provider Updates
  • Remove Provider from Group/Location

Additional Information Changes

Provider Joining a New Group or Opening a Solo Practice

If you are joining a new group or opening a new solo practice, request a BCBSTX Provider Record ID.

Tax ID Change or Termination Request

If you are a contracted provider or group (excluding Par Agreement) requesting a Tax ID change or termination from a provider network, please contact your Network Management Consultant.

For the status of your professional contract application, or if you have questions or need to make changes to an existing contract, please contact your Network Management Consultant.