Behavioral Health Incentives

Behavioral Health Online Resource

STAR Kids members can access online Behavioral Health tools where they can login to get information that may help members get a better understanding of their specific behavioral health concerns. These online tools are extra services available to members 24/7.

Limitations: Members must have login information to utilize this service as provided by Case Management.

Behavioral Health Inpatient Follow-up Incentive

Members who have been discharged from inpatient care after a behavioral health visit are eligible to get a $25 gift card when they follow-up with their provider within seven days after a behavioral health hospitalization.

Limitations: Members must attend a follow-up visit with a behavioral health provider within seven days following a discharge for mental illness or intentional self-harm diagnoses. Members must be enrolled in the plan to receive the gift card.

If you have received a notice that you have earned a reward for going to your behavioral health follow-up visit, go to to register to receive your gift card reward in the mail. 

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To learn more about Incentive Gift Card for Attending Member Resource Meeting, see the Member Handbook

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