New Member Information

After you enroll in the BCBSTX STAR Kids plan, BCBSTX will send your child's new member materials in the mail. You should expect the following:

ID Card

After your child is enrolled, we will give you a BCBSTX ID card. Keep this ID card with you at all times.

When you go to your doctor, hospital or other provider, show your BCBSTX ID card. It has the following information:

  • Your child's name
  • Your child's member ID number
  • Your child's Medicaid number
  • The date your child's coverage starts
  • The name of the PCP you have selected, a default PCP if you have not selected a PCP, or one of the categories: Dual Eligible or Commercial PCP

Call the Customer Advocate Department at 1-877-688-1811 (TTY 711) to replace your ID card if it is lost. You can also log in to your Blue Access for MembersSM account to print a temporary ID card.

Welcome Kit

After you get your child's ID card, you'll get your welcome kit. It includes the Member Handbook. You'll also get brochures on our transportation services and our value-added services. These handbooks tell you everything you'll need to know about the BCBSTX STAR Kids program.

If you do not receive a welcome kit, please call the Customer Advocate Department at 1-877-688-1811 (TTY 711). We'll send out a replacement. We can also provide your kit in another language other than English or another format, such as Braille, CD or large print. We will send you this information in your preferred format for free.


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