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Business Resiliency Program

Our Business Resiliency Program is designed to ensure operational resiliency by protecting our business processes and minimizing the impact of disruptions to our customers and business partners. Our program includes proactive work groups that address potential operational impacts and continuity, human resource matters, communications and customer support. Through this program, we are taking extra precautions to ensure an uninterrupted service experience for our customers.

  • We remain committed to ongoing business resiliency planning to better protect our employees and serve our customers and plan participants during an emergency.
  • We have call and claim centers in multiple locations in several states. We have the capability in place that gives us flexibility to reroute calls to other facilities as necessary to help ensure business continuity. We have used this system for natural disasters, such as hurricane season or during other weather-related closures.
  • We have systems capability and flexibility, with options to further expand these capabilities as warranted, to allow many of our staff to work from home in the event of an outbreak. Depending on the situation, we may utilize this in the even of widespread disease.

If you have any questions, please contact your ancillary account representative.


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