Activity Incentives for Kids

Sports and Camp Physicals

We help STAR kids take part in sports and fitness activities by giving free physicals for kids 18 and under who are going to camp or playing sports.

Make an appointment with your child's Primary Care Provider (PCP) to get the physical. No authorization is needed. If you have questions, call our Customer Advocate Department at 1-888-657-6061. Members with hearing or speech loss may call the TTY line at 711.

Note: Value Added Services may have restrictions and limitations. For a complete list of limitations, please refer to the Member Handbook or the Value-Added Services brochure.

Health and Wellness Activity Reimbursement

STAR members can receive up to $50 reimbursed for Health and Wellness program.

Limitations: Parents/guardians/LARs of members may request reimbursement for Health and Wellness participation in sports activities, sports classes, gym membership or race entry fees by contacting Member Outreach Representatives at 1-877-375-9097. Parents/guardians must provide a receipt for payment to Outreach for reimbursement. The maximum reimbursement is up to $50 for Health and Wellness enrollment fees. Reimbursement may be requested as early as 30 days prior to the activity and up to 30 days after.

Healthy Activity Reimbursement Form

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