Blue Balance FundedSM

Small Group Employers (10-50 Employees)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers Blue Balance Funded, an administrative and stop loss coverage suite of services that includes consistent monthly payments for employers. It is available to groups that have had at least 12 months of prior group health coverage and are financially stable.

Blue Balance Funded Features

Predictable Monthly Payments

Blue Balance Funded’s monthly invoice includes the employer cost for claims funding, administrative fees and stop loss premiums. For added convenience, BCBSTX manages all three with an online billing system available through Blue Access for EmployersSM.

Stop Loss Coverage

Stop loss insurance provides protection for covered claims costs resulting from individual and aggregate claims exceeding the predetermined stop loss levels.

Possible Coverage

After the yearly settlement, if the actual claims cost is less than the claims funding, it may be returned in the form of a credit toward future monthly payments.


The Blue Balance Funded product eligibility is limited to employers who averaged between 1-50 total employees (including full time, part time, and seasonal) on business days during the preceding calendar year. The minimum enrollment is 10 employees. The maximum enrollment is 50 employees.

Quoting and Enrollment

To request a quote or sold group paperwork, visit the Blue Balance Funded section on the Blue Access for ProducersSM for the required documents.

You can also contact your assigned regional sales executive directly or the quoting team at 1-800-399-5831 for more details.

Helpful Resources to Get You Started

Blue Balance Funded Overview (employer flier)

Blue Balance Funded Overview (employer brochure)

Blue Balance Funded Quoting Eligibility Checklist

Existing Business

If you have an existing group that would benefit by switching to a Blue Balance Funded plan at renewal, contact Texas Small Group Account Management.