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Flexible Group Health Insurance Plans

With Options Designed to Improve Your Client's Bottom Line

Your client's health insurance needs are as unique as their business. That’s why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas offers health care coverage with a wide variety of options across a range of price levels. We can help you find the plan that’s the right fit for your group client, and the right choice for their workforce. Discover how easy BCBSTX makes it for businesses of all sizes to stay under budget and on top of employee health.

Explore PPO Plans

Our BCBSTX PPO network gives employers flexible benefit design options at a price they can afford while giving their employees a wide range of benefits and the freedom to visit any doctor they choose.

Blue Choice PPOSM

Best Fit: All Group Sizes

Blue Choice PPO gives your client's employees access to over 600 participating hospitals and facilities throughout Texas and more than 800,000 doctors and 6,000 hospitals contracting with Blue Cross and Blue Shield nationwide.

Explore HMO Plans

The HMO network provides basic care and prescription medication coverage while coordinating with care specialists for any necessary referrals. Employees have a choice of Primary Care Providers (PCPs) from a large network of contracting HMO physicians and medical groups.

Blue Essentials HMOSM

Best Fit: 51-150 and 151+ Employees

Blue Essentials supports a cost-savings strategy. This HMO plan helps groups reduce health care costs while still offering their employees access to a statewide network of health care providers.

Blue Essentials Access HMOSM

Best Fit: 51-150 and 151+ Employees

Blue Essentials Access is an open access HMO plan that provides benefits to your client's employees when they receive services from providers in the Blue Essentials network. Plus, your client's employees are not required to choose a PCP or receive referrals for services with this plan.

Blue Premier HMOSM

Best Fit: 151+ Employees

The Blue Premier HMO lets members choose a PCP from a network of contracting doctors in the Blue Premier network to help them coordinate their care and make informed decisions to reduce costs and improve their wellbeing.

Blue Advantage HMOSM

Best Fit: 2-50 Employees

The Blue Advantage HMO plan provides a cost-effective network designed to provide affordable, quality health care services. Medical benefits are at a lower cost when employees access care through a participating network provider.

Blue Premier Access HMOSM

Best Fit: 51-150 and 151+ Employees

Blue Premier Access is an open access HMO that provides benefits when services are received from providers in the Blue Premier network. Your client's employees get predictable copays and are not required to choose a PCP or receive referrals for services.

Explore EPO Plans

EPO plans from BCBSTX offer the benefits that employees need most with no referrals required. With access to the BlueCard® program, your client's employees can choose their own in-network provider and can take their benefits with them when they travel.

EPOs for Self-Funded Groups

Best Fit: 500+ Employees

BCBSTX offers EPO plans to your self-funded clients with more than 500 employees. EPO network providers, including physicians, specialty care providers, hospitals, and other health care facilities and practitioners, have contracted with BCBSTX to provide health care services at the best rates.

Last Updated: Dec. 05, 2023