Provider Finder®

We make it easy for members to find a network provider and manage health care expenses.

Provider Finder from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) is a fast, easy-to-use tool that improves member experience when they’re looking for in-network health care providers. Plus, it can help them manage their out-of-pocket costs.

Our digital cost transparency and provider directory tool empowers members to make smarter health care decisions. Provider Finder displays in-network health care providers including quality metrics, certifications, awards, and cost estimates — all in one place. Provider Finder is available in both web and mobile versions. 

Easy Access to the Network

By going to, members can log in or create an account on BlueAccessSM for Members (BAMSM) and use Provider Finder to:

  • Find in-network providers, clinics, hospitals and drugstores.
  • Search by specialty, ZIP code, language spoken, gender and more.
  • See clinical certifications and recognitions.
  • Compare quality awards for doctors, hospitals and more.
  • Read or add reviews for providers.
  • Estimate the out-of-pocket costs of more than 1,600 health care procedures, treatments and tests.

Members who get to Provider Finder through their BAM account will be able to see the providers specific to their health coverage. Anyone can log in as a guest to see what providers are in network for plans they are considering.

Ways to Save

For members with PPO plans, Provider Finder can have a direct impact on their wallet. Before having a procedure or test performed, PPO members can compare cost estimates and quality information to help find the best doctor for their needs and budget. Provider Finder puts more reliable information right at the member’s fingertips on both web and mobile platforms, including:

  • Cost estimates for up to 1,600 procedures, treatments and tests, including member and employer costs
  • Cost data for more than 6.6 billion covered procedures performed annually
  • Information on more than 1.9 million providers

Members having access to the information on Provider Finder can have an impact on your business, as well. Data has shown using the tool can lead to hundreds of dollars of savings for each redirection to an in-network, lowest cost provider. Provider Finder can be instrumental in reducing the cost of care and helping groups and members save money.

Visit the Find Care section to see for yourself how easy it is to find in-network providers with Provider Finder.