BCBSTX-Administered State Continuation

Texas State Continuation Coverage administration services are available through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). for all qualifying events except death,divorce or retirement. To elect State Continuation Administration Services, call 1-888-541-7107 or your BCBSTX small group representative.

If BCBSTX administers your State Continuation Coverage:

1. Notify BCBSTX when an employee is terminated. You can easily do this by e-mailing  COBRA@BCBSTX.com.

2. Following receipt of your notification, BCBSTX will mail an enrollment packet, which includes the Texas Nine (9) Months Continuation of Insurance Application form, to eligible applicants. The applicant must complete, sign and fax  the application to Continuation Services at 1-618-998-2747

3. Pay as billed. Once membership is established, BCBSTX will bill both you and the continuant for the State Continuation Coverage premium. You will receive a check and reconciliation statement from BCBSTX after BCBSTX receives the continuant's premiums.

4. BCBSTX will cancel continuants from State Continuation coverage when the nine (9)-month continuation coverage period ends or any of the following events occur:

  •  You discontinue offering your group health plan to all employees
  • The continuant fails to submit a premium payment within 30 days* of the due date
  • BCBSTX receives notification from you or the continuant that the continuant has obtained other group coverage
  • BCBSTX receives notice from you or the continuant that the continuant has become eligible for Medicare coverage
  • The continuant requests to drop coverage

*The 30-day payment grace period does not apply to the initial premium payment. Eligible continuants have 60 days from the date BCBSTX mails their State Continuation Coverage packets to apply for coverage. They have an additional 45 days from the date they apply for coverage to submit the first premium payment to BCBSTX.