Health and Wellness Programs

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers varied programs you can use to help your employees lead healthier lives. 

Well onTarget

The Well onTarget program is designed to give members the tools and support they need, while rewarding them for making healthy choices.

The heart of Well onTarget is the portal, which offers innovative programs and tools:

  • Self-directed Programs - Members can earn Blue Points for taking online courses about nutrition, fitness, weight management, tobacco cessation, stress management and more.
  • Health and Wellness Content - This health library includes information and articles related to living a healthy lifestyle.

Well onTarget also features a health assessment that helps tailor the program to the member so they reach their goals, the Life Points program that allows members to earn points by participating in wellness activities and achieving goals online, and the Fitness Program that offers members unlimited access to a nationwide network of independently contracted fitness centers. There are four plans to choose from including a virtual only option.

Blue365® Member Discount Program

We want to help our members take care of themselves, every day of the year. That's why BCBSTX health plan members have access to Blue365, an online destination for health-focused discounts. With discounts on health-related products, along with discounts on health and fitness clubs, weight-loss programs and so much more, members can decide what choices are right for them while saving money.

Digital Member Hub powered by EviveOSTM

Digital Member Hub, powered by Evive, goes beyond medical benefits and supports a member’s overall health and financial well-being. This website and app gives members more control over all their benefits, including those provided by other plans. With everything in one place and single sign-on access, members have easy access to see the full range of their benefits.

Quality Improvement Program

Our Quality Improvement Programs* measure, monitor and seek to continually improve clinical care and service for your employees. Educational communications are an important component of the program and include reminders about immunizations, screenings and healthy lifestyle habits.

Incentives Program

Our Incentives Program makes it easy to reward employees for making smart choices about their health. Encouraging members to adopt or maintain healthy behaviors is often effective and meaningful. Whether the goal is focusing on chronic conditions or reinforcing healthy choices, member engagement incentives can be key to controlling a company's long-term medical expenditures.

BCBSTX adds value by reducing your role in administering the program and offering integration across medical plans, wellness activities and other member programs. The Incentives Program also offers members an easy-to-use experience with integrated customer service by phone or self-service support online.

Value-Based Insurance Design

By engaging employees in making smarter choices about their health, employers can help control their company's long-term medical expenses. Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) can help remove the financial barriers to the recommended pharmacy drugs and medical services that are essential for managing a member's chronic condition. This can help cut costs by avoiding large claims typically incurred by members who are not managing their conditions effectively. BCBSTX VBIDs target the most common chronic conditions and the high-value services for each, helping drive lower costs and better outcomes.

For more information about how your company can take advantage of our Health and Wellness offerings, contact your BCBSTX account representative or visit the Contact Us page for the number to the regional sales office near you..