Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification is a computer-based system that verifies the occurrence of personal attendant service visits by electronically documenting the time a visit begins and ends. Texas requires EVV for certain Medicaid funded home and community-based services provided through the Health and Human Service Commission and Managed Care Organizations.

Important Contact Information

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) Contact Information:

  • For EVV questions, call Provider Customer Service at 1-877-784-6802 or email the EVV Mailbox at BCBSTX_EVV_Questions@bcbstx.com
  • For Service Coordination needs, call 1-877-301-4394 (TTY 7-1-1)
  • Information on how to submit a Complaint or Appeal here


Health and Human Services Email: EVV@hhs.texas.gov

TMHP Email: EVV@tmhp.com

Vendor Contact Information:

DataLogic Software, Inc. / VestaFirst Data Government Solutions / AuthentiCare

Phone: 1-844-880-2400
Email: info@vestaevv.com

Phone: 1-877-829-2002
Email: AuthentiCareTXSupport@firstdata.com

View Full Program Provider and FMSA EVV Contact Information Guide

View Full CDS Employer EVV Contact Information Guide

EVV Compliance Oversight Reviews

BCBSTX will update this section quarterly, by the last business day of the third month that follows the end of the fiscal year report quarter.

EVV Compliance ReviewsEVV Usage ReviewEVV Reason Code ReviewRequired Free Text ReviewEVV Allowable Phone Identification Reviews

Total # of Reviews Completed




Total # of Providers Non-Compliant




Total # of Providers with Compliance





BCBSTX is now reviewing reason codes and free text based on policy guidelines. If any discrepancies or misuse is found, your agency will be contacted by BCBSTX staff prior to any recoupments, LDs, or contract actions being imposed.


Most Common Reasons for Denial

Each quarter, this section is updated with the top reasons for denial of EVV-relevant claims.

  1. Dates of Service Mismatch
  2. Provider not attested with the state
  3. Duplicate Claim
  4. Medicaid ID Mismatch
  5. Provider Mismatch

Most Common Reasons for Recoupment

Each quarter, this section is updated with the top reasons of recoupment for EVV-relevant claims.

BCBSTX has no specific EVV recoupments at this time. This section will be updated as applicable.


Span Billing Guidelines

BCBSTX allows for EVV claims to be submitted with a span date. If a provider chooses to submit a claim with a span date, the provider must ensure that:

  • Each date within the span has one or more matching EVV visit transactions.
  • The total units on the EVV claim must match the combined total units of the matched EVV visit transactions.