Travel Resource Services™

Safe and Worry-Free Travel

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a trip can be disrupted by a medical emergency, a lost prescription, civil unrest or even a death. That’s why we offer Travel Resource Services. The service includes emergency medical assistance, repatriation of remains, financial, legal and translation assistance, as well as access to other critical services and resources.

Travel Resource Services is available to covered members and their families traveling for business or pleasure at least 100 miles from their home.

Your Powerful Traveling Companion

We have partnered with Generali Global Assistance, Inc. (GGA)1.

Help When and Where You Need It

With Travel Resource Services, travelers have a team on their side to help them manage emergency situations and cope with the unexpected:

  • Emergencies: medical emergencies; transportation of loved ones, dependants and traveling companions in case of hospitalization; cash advance; legal help or bail; emergency communication and arrangements.
  • Logistical help: physician and dentist referrals; prescription and eyeglass replacement; finding an interpreter for phone or written translation; locating lost or stolen items, such as luggage.
  • Pre-Trip planning: visa and passport information; information on inoculation and immunization requirements; cultural information; weather forecasts; embassy and consulate referrals; foreign exchange rates; travel advisories.
  • Covered expenses:* medically necessary evacuation or return home; family member transportation to hospital; dependent children transportation; return of mortal remains.

1 Travel Resource Services is administered by Generali Global Assistance, Inc. (GGA). GGA is an independent organization that does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas or Dearborn Life Insurance Company products or services. GGA is solely responsible for the products and services provided through Travel Resource Services.

* Coverage is up to a maximum of $150,000 and must be verified by GGA first. Approval subject to the program guidelines.

GGA shall not evacuate or repatriate anyone if a GGA designated Physician determines that such transport is not medically advisable or necessary or if the injury or illness can be treated locally.

GGA provides the services in all countries of the world. However, GGA may determine that services cannot be provided in certain countries or locales because of situations such as war, natural disaster or political instability. GGA will attempt to assist the employee consistent with the limitations presented by the prevailing situation in the area. GGA cannot be held responsible for failure to provide, or for delay in providing services when such failure or delay is caused by conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to flight conditions, labor disturbance and strike, rebellion, riot, civil commotion, war or uprising, nuclear accidents, natural disasters, acts of God or where rendering service is prohibited by local law or regulations.