Hippotherapy or Therapeutic Riding Services

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will offer 11 hippotherapy or therapeutic riding sessions as a Value-Added Service (VAS) to STAR Kids members.

What is Hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is a form of treatment that uses horses and their dynamic movement to achieve therapy goals. Many children with physical or behavioral health conditions may benefit from hippotherapy.

What is Therapeutic Riding?

Therapeutic riding services are a treatment that includes horse riding. They can be used to benefit a child’s social and interactive skills.

Members who meet riding qualifications may participate in a maximum of 11 Hippotherapy services or therapeutic riding services per year. The 11 sessions are:

  • Up to a maximum of 1 hour in length each session
  • Provided to children based on their medical clearance by their PCP

STAR Kids members are eligible for one program or the other. They cannot receive both hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.

Note: Value-Added Services may have restrictions and limitations. For a complete list of limitations, please refer to the Member Handbook or the Value-Added Services brochure.

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