HHSC Telemedicine and Telehealth Educational Video and Infographics-Behavioral Health

What’s New

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas would like to make providers aware that Health and Human Services (HHSC) has created an educational video that is posted on the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership’s (TMHP’s) YouTube channel and Learning Management System (LMS). Additionally, HHSC created two infographics outlining the changes that are also posted to Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP’s) LMS. This training is enduring, meaning it currently does not have an end date.


As mandated effective September 1, 2022, by Texas House Bill 4, 87th Legislature, Regular Session, 2021, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission implemented changes to the permanent delivery of some of the behavioral health Medicaid benefits by synchronous audiovisual or synchronous telephone (audio-only) technology.

Recent updates and resources:

  • Providers must have a username and password to access training in the LMS. To get a username and password, providers must create an account by completing the New User Registration form on the LMS homepage.
  • New LMS users can access materials and take courses immediately after they register. Providers can always access computer-based training and additional training materials on the LMS.

Additional Information:

For information about telemedicine/telehealth delivery of a Texas Medicaid behavioral health benefit, refer to the appropriate handbook in the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual (TMPPM).


Providers, for questions or additional information, please: