Delay in Procedural Termination of Cohort #3


The Texas Health and Human Service Commissions (HHSC) placed a temporary delay in processing procedural termination for an additional 30 days for beneficiaries who are part of group cohort #3. Renewals started on September 9, 2023. This will allow more time to conduct a targeted renewal outreach to the members who did not return their renewal packet by the 30th day.

Members who have not responded with their renewal information by October 9, 2023, will receive an additional 30 days to reply. They will have until November 8, 2023, and a denial effective date of December 1, 2023, for members who do not provide the renewal information.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) will receive a supplemental file containing a list of their members who fall into Cohort #3 group for member outreach.

Providers, for questions or additional information, please: