Update: Cures Act Home Health Care Services- EVV Services Updates and Service Bill Codes Table

March 22, 2023


A reminder to our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCSTX) providers.    A new version of the Electronic Visit Verification Home Health Care Services Bill Codes Table has posted. Reference the revision history for information about what was updated. The table is on the EVV 21st Century Cures Act webpage in Excel and PDF formats.

EVV will be implemented for Medicaid HHCS on Jan. 1, 2024, and program providers and financial management services agencies can refer to the bill codes table to familiarize themselves with the specific HHCS billing code combinations that require the use of EVV.

HHSC will continue to share updates throughout the implementation, including how to get started with EVV and when the EVV practice period will start. Notices related to the Cures Act HHCS implementation will start with “Cures Act Home Health Care Services” or “Cures Act HHCS.”

Review the current resources below:


For questions about the EVV HHCS bill codes, modifiers or HHCS services required to use EVV (PDF), contact BCBSTX_EVV_Questions@bcbstx.com about these updates. Or you can reach out to your BCBSTX Medicaid Network team at 1-855-212-1615.