Form Finder Help

Here are some tips on using Form Finder:

Form Finder - Results

The Results page shows all forms that match your search. You may want to narrow down your search even further, or enter a new search term. Here is how to do this:

Sort your search results
To sort in ascending or descending sequence, click on the column headings for Form Name, Form Type, Form Subtype, Form Number, or Date.

View form details
To see more detailed information, select the Details link for that form.

Narrow your search results
The left column (Narrow your results by) classifies your search results by:

  • Form Type - general purpose of each form
  • Form Subtype - additional classifications, such as health vs. dental
  • Forms For - the primary audience for each form

To narrow down your search, select any link in this section. For example, if your search includes dental forms, clicking on Dental will remove all forms not classified as dental from your search results.

To see your original search results again, select the View all results link at the bottom of the left column.

Start a new search
To start a new search, select the Return home and start a new search link, or the Home link. This will take you to the Form Search page.

Form Search

The Form Search page allows you to narrow down your search by Form Type and/ or Form Subtype. It also allows you to select forms intended for members, employers, or producers, or any combination of the three.

Search by Form Name
Enter a search term in the box, or leave blank to see all forms.

Form Type
To search for a specific form type, select one from the Form Type drop-down menu.

Form Subtype
To search for a specific form subtype, select one from the Subtype drop-down menu.



Last Updated: June 21, 2021