Get Answers Faster with Online Claim Inquiry Resolution

May 13, 2011

Our Claim Inquiry Resolution tool is available via a tab in our Electronic Refund Management (eRM) system.  By providing a method for online assistance with specific inquiries on finalized claims, the CIR tool can help save your staff time by reducing the need for phone calls and written correspondence.

Currently, we accept five different types of inquiries through the CIR tool:

  • Medicare/Other Insurance EOB
  • Duplicate Denial
  • Additional Information
  • Corrected Claim
  • Fee Schedule/Pricing Inquiry

To assist you with navigating this helpful tool, we’ve added a new CIR Tip Sheet  to the Education and Reference Center/Provider Tools/Claim Inquiry Resolution (CIR) Tool section of our website at If you have questions or need assistance with CIR, send an email to our Provider Access Channel Specialist team at

* You must be enrolled for eRM in order to gain access to the CIR tool. CIR may not be accessed through our Customer Advocates on the phone. CIR cannot be used to obtain Eligibility & Benefit information, Claim Status, Claim Appeal, Predeterminations, or Pended claims. Please refer to the CIR Tip Sheet for additional details.