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Feature Stories

Your letters to "LifeTimes"

Older drivers safer than young ones

I am very disappointed to see nothing in your article "Keeping older drivers safe on the road" about the fact that older drivers don't cause these accidents. Involved just means more than one driver was there. There is NO evidence older adults cause more accidents!

I read an article similar to yours before I left Los Angeles. The part it included that you didn't is: percentages of traffic accidents caused by very young and beginning drivers. When I look out my car window, the people holding their phones while driving do NOT have gray hair.

I survived driving in L.A. until effects of my spine injury affected my brake-pedal foot. In my last months there, six friends were rear-ended.

The last time I was rear-ended was in moving traffic. My daughter said the guy probably dropped a CD while he was accelerating. It is not my job to make jack-rabbit starts just because someone is in a hurry.

Yes, we die in serious accidents. The solution is: Punish people holding phones in moving cars. Tell your kids a car is a deadly weapon. In short, don't run into us.

Margaret Fleming
Metro Houston, Texas

Editor's note: Limited space in print publications is always a problem. The point you make is valid, and given more space, we would have included it. And yet, the very first paragraph says drivers "between ages 65-75 remain among the safest on the road." This implies the point you spell out so clearly.