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How to Enroll

The Affordable Care Act has changed the way many people get health insurance. If you don't have coverage through your employer or you're not eligible for a government program such as Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare, you may have new ways to get health insurance.

Health Insurance Enrollment and Shopping Options

The enrollment deadline for 2016 coverage has passed. If you missed open enrollment, you may be able to enroll during the special enrollment period. This runs from February 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016. To be eligible, you must have had a qualifying "life event" within the past 60 days.

There are 3 ways to enroll:

  1. Enroll with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX)

    You can buy a health insurance plan directly from BCBSTX online or by calling us at 1-888-731-0406. You can view and compare all BCBSTX plans available to you, including the plans offered on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

  2. Shop on the Health Insurance Marketplace

    The Marketplace is a federal government website where you can shop, compare and buy plans offered by participating health insurance companies in your area. For help navigating the Marketplace, call us at 1-888-731-0406.

  3. Contact a health insurance agent

    You can work with an insurance agent if you'd like. An agent can help you find the plan that's best for you.

See if you qualify for financial assistance. You may be able to get help based on your household size and income. If you know you don't qualify, get a quick quote now.

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