Fraud Reporting

As part of its Anti-Fraud Program, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) created a fraud awareness training program for its customers to use to give their employees a better understanding of what health care fraud is, how it affects them, and how they can report health care fraud to the BCBSTX Special Investigations Department (SID).

Accessing the Training Program

To access this training program, simply click on one of the following links below. If you have a high speed Internet connection (Cable or DSL modem), click on the High Bandwidth link. If you have a low-speed Internet connection (56k or 28k), click on the Low Bandwidth link.

Help Us Stop Health Care Fraud

If you suspect that BCBSTX and its customers have been defrauded or are being defrauded; report the matter to the SID immediately. Your involvement will contribute to BCBSTX’s efforts to combat the rising cost of health care. Remember, health care fraud affects all of us; so please get involved and report your suspicions of fraud to the SID via any of the below options:

  • BCBSTX Fraud Hotline: 800-543-0867

  • Fill out a fraud report online
    The above internet link takes you to the website of Global Compliance Services, a third-party vendor of BCBSTX. After clicking on the above internet link, you will be directed to a blank fraud report that you can use to report your suspicions of fraud to the SID. The reports can be made on an anonymous basis or in the member's name.

  • United States Mail:
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
    Special Investigations Department
    1001 E. Lookout Drive, Building A
    Richardson, Texas 75082