Important Information about the UTSW Network Benefit

Save on Medical Care

New! UTSW Network for UT SELECT Plan Participants

The UTSW Network Benefit is a collaborative pilot program between UT Southwestern and The University of Texas System Office of Employee Benefits, providing UT SELECT members a greatly reduced or eliminated out-of-pocket expense when receiving care from a UTSW physician or at a UTSW facility. The UTSW Network Benefit is available to any UT SELECT plan participant who wishes to receive care at UTSW facilities or from UTSW physicians.

Effective Sept. 1, 2012, benefits include $10 primary care and $10 specialist copayment, no out-of-pocket cost for most inpatient or outpatient care, and no deductible or coinsurance in most cases when UTSW Network providers are used.

The UTSW Network includes UT Southwestern University Hospital and UT Southwestern University Hospital – Zale Lipshy. UTSW faculty can be located with a search on the Provider Finder for "UT Southwestern Medical Center."

Physician fees for services performed by UTSW Network physicians at affiliated hospitals are also included in this benefit. However, the benefit does not include facility charges for other hospitals (e.g. Children’s Medical Center, VA North Texas Health Care System, Parkland Health & Hospital System, Baylor, and Texas Health Resources.

For Dallas and surrounding counties, UTSW has a clinically affiliated physician (UTSCAP) program in which UTSW selectively partners with quality internal medicine and family practice community physicians. UTSCAP providers are part of the UTSW Network and currently include:

  • Antoine Albert, MD - Family Practice
  • Jennifer Aldrich, MD - Family Practice
  • Amina Allaudin, MD - Family Practice
  • James Anderson, MD - Family Medicine
  • Palaniappan Arumugham, MD - Family Medicine
  • John Bailey, MD - Family Medicine
  • Denise Bannister, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Rosemary Bates, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Nicole Biard, MD - Family Medicine
  • Sita Boppana, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Nina Cahan, MD - Family Practice
  • William Calley, MD - Family Practice
  • Kyle Carter, MD - Family Medicine
  • Robert Cook, MD - Family Practice
  • David Deems, MD - Family Medicine
  • Chrisette Dharma, MD - Family Practice
  • Ricardo Diaz, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Dana Dinh, MD - Family Practice
  • Stephanie Elmore, MD - Family Medicine
  • Karana Fairley, MD - Family Practice
  • Terrence Feehery, DO - Family Medicine
  • Walter Gaman, MD - Family Practice
  • Wei Gao, MD - Family Practice
  • Juan Herrera, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Sapna Jaiswal, MD - Family Practice
  • Yan Li, MD - Family Medicine
  • Chong Liu, MD - Family Practice
  • Humberto Lopez, MD - Family Practice
  • Michael McCullough, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Lawrence McNally, MD - Family Practice
  • Joseph Meacham, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Lisa Medwedeff, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Amy Murphy, MD - Family Medicine
  • Joseph Murphy, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Casey Nguyen, MD - Family Medicine
  • Hanh-Dieu Nguyen, MD - Family Medicine
  • HanhDung Nguyen, DO - Family Medicine
  • Tri Nguyen, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Theodore Nophsker, DO - Internal Medicine
  • Jennifer Patterson, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Arminda Perez, MD - Family Practice
  • Steven Pounders, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Charles Powell, MD - Family Practice
  • Adrienne Prentiss, MD - Family Practice
  • Thomas Purgason, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Vijayalakshmi Raghu, MD - Family Medicine
  • Enid Romanelli, MD - Family Medicine
  • Jack Seidel, MD - Pediatrics
  • Bina Sharma, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Relda Strain Setliff, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Quynh Ton-That, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Priti Vyas, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Yili Wang, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Mary Ward, DO - Family Medicine
  • John Webb, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Kelly Wimberly, MD - Family Practice
  • Hong Xiao, MD - Family Practice
  • Berto Zamora, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Alfred Zevallos, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Jinsong Zhang, MD - Family Medicine