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Looking for the right doctor?

Provider Finder® is an innovative tool that can help you make better health care decisions for you and your family.

Click on Doctors & Hospitals tab to do a quick search of Provider Finder and:

  • Find a network primary care physician, specialist or hospital
  • Filter search results by doctor, specialty, ZIP code, language and gender – you can even get directions from Google MapsTM mapping service
  • View patient feedback and providers' certifications
Dr. Paul Hain Video

Do you need to know the estimated cost of a medical service and your estimated out-of-pocket share of the cost? Do you want to find savings by comparing costs?

By logging in to Blue Access for MembersSM (BAM), you can use Provider Finder to estimate the cost of hundreds of procedures, treatments, and tests with your specific benefits from UT SELECT. To find cost information, log in to BAM, then launch the Provider Finder by selecting "Doctors & Hospitals" and clicking the "Find a Doctor or Hospital" button.

View video to learn more about Provider Finder and how it can help you maximize benefits from your UT SELECT health plan, administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.


Use our Provider Finder® to search for a variety of contracting doctors conveniently located to help you with your health care needs.


Special Beginnings is designed to help you better understand and manage your pregnancy. To enroll or ask questions about the program, call toll-free 888-421-7781.


Same procedure. Lower cost.

Call a Benefits Value Advisor (BVA) today and get cost comparison information from providers in your area for:

  • Imaging services
  • Maternity services
  • Knee, hip and spinal surgery
  • Colonoscopy tests

View the Benefits Value Advisor video to learn more.

Just call 1-866-882-2034 1-866-882-2034 and ask to talk to a BVA.

Call BVA prior to service to waive a $100 copay per MRI and CT scan.

Benefits Value Advisor


Looking for the right doctor?