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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has affordable health insurance for Texas individuals and families. Find Bronze plans, with the lowest monthly payment, Gold plans, which cover more of the bill when you visit the doctor, and Silver plans, a balanced option between the 2.

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When you choose a BCBSTX plan, you'll get more than just the essential benefits included in all health insurance plans — you'll have access to large provider networks, wellness programs and discounts, and tools like telehealth visits that are uniquely "Blue."

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When you make it to our shopping platform, enter a few pieces of information like your ZIP code to find your plan options and their costs. Don't forget to add your annual income to find out how much you could save with a premium tax credit.

After you pick a plan and make your first premium payment, we'll send you important membership information and your member ID card. Then, you can start using your coverage — welcome to BCBSTX! 


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I can update my coverage?

If you’ve gone through a life change, you can enroll during a Special Enrollment Period. Some common life changes that let you change your plan are getting married, having or adopting a child, changing or losing your job or moving out of your coverage area.

There are a few things you’ll need to enroll during Special Enrollment – understanding if your event qualifies and any supporting documents you might need to enroll is a great start.

Is there anything I need to do before I find a new affordable health plan?

If you’re updating your 2024 plan during Special Enrollment, it’s helpful to know a few pieces of information. Think about any upcoming health care needs you might want to plan for and know your household income; you may qualify for monthly savings.

You might need to provide “proof” of your life event and when it happened. You could use something like a marriage license or official letter from a new employer. Not all life events require you to submit documents. Find the documents you might need to submit when you enroll.


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