Recreational Child Safety Helmet

Help your children stay safe while riding bikes, skate boarding or other outdoor activities. Kids ages 2 to 20 can get a recreational safety helmet. To get the safety helmet, take your child to get his or her Texas Health Steps Checkup within 90 days of joining the plan. Your child can also get an annual Texas Health Steps Checkup. Then, send in the completed paperwork.

Download a child safety helmet form, find one in your new member packet or call Member Outreach toll-free to request one. Please call 1-877-375-9097 if you live in the Travis service area or 1-855-497-0587 if you live in MRSA Central. Members with hearing or speech loss may call the TTY line at 7-1-1. Fill out the form with your doctor, and have the doctor sign the form and add the office stamp. Fax the form to 1-512-349-4867. The helmet will be sent to your address on the completed form.

Note: Value Added Services may have restrictions and limitations. For a complete list of limitations, please refer to the Member Handbook or the Value Added Services brochure.