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Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Welcome to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) website. Please read the following important information, as it describes the policies governing the use of this website, including information concerning privacy, security, links to other websites, copyright infringement and more.

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Privacy Practices Notice and Forms

BCBSTX is required by federal and state law to give a notice to our plan members about how we can use and disclose their personal health and financial information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) helps to protect your privacy. If you are covered by a health insurance plan, you should get a Privacy Practices Notice. Under HIPAA you have certain rights related to your privacy. You can use a Privacy Form to make a request related to these rights.

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Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

BCBSTX is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity as well as strict observance and compliance with the laws and regulations governing its business operations. BCBSTX has adopted a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for our employees, as well as a Vendor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for those vendors who conduct business with us and/or provide services to our customers.

Copyright Infringement Notification

If you are a copyright owner or agent and believe that any content on the BCBSTX website infringes upon your copyrights, get information about what information to provide and how to contact us.

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