Improving Evidence Based Performance

Improving Performance on Evidence Based Measures

BlueCompare is a component of the online Provider Finder® tool. BlueCompare provides Evidence Based Measures information about participating physicians in the BlueChoice® network. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) recognizes physicians for performance on Evidence Based Measures that cover significant processes of care in diabetes, preventive screenings, and cardiovascular disease. We want to help physician practices reach recognition for delivery of evidence based clinical services.

Why It’s Important to Follow Best Practices and Guidelines 

Best practices and guidelines are intended to improve patient outcomes, increase health care efficiency, increase access to important medical services, lower costs, and reduce errors and inappropriate care. Delivering evidence based clinical services decreases the likelihood for adverse events and the need for interventional procedures.

It is increasingly important to identify current best practices, ensure there is a process for implementation and garner support for integration into every day practice.

What Can I Do to Improve Performance on Evidence Based Measures? 

Utilizing health care team processes, steps, guidelines, and flowsheets can improve delivery of preventive services and best practices and enhance comprehensive health care monitoring. Recognition of performance indices and willingness to incorporate new team processes can yield improved practices that improve patient health and wellness.

Browse the resources provided in the links below for helpful information and links to:

  • National models for quality improvement
  • Information to re-structure your practice and implement guidelines in day-to-day practice
  • Links to downloadable flowsheets, tracking worksheets, chronic care management material, and patient education materials. 

If you have been notified that your performance is below that of your peers on evidence based measures and have not received a ribbon designation in Provider Finder®, you are strongly encouraged to review the following resources, create a solid plan, and forward evidence that you are serious about improving your practice’s performance.

National Models for Quality Improvement
Getting Started
Downloadable Tools and Resources