Electronic Refund Management (eRM) Webinars

Electronic Refund Management (eRM) is an online tool that can help simplify your overpayment reconciliation and related processes.

In addition to single sign-on convenience, eRM enables you to:

  • Receive electronic notification of overpayments
  • View overpayment requests
  • Inquire/Dispute/Appeal a request
  • Deduct from future payments
  • Pay by check

Would you like to view a live demonstration of the eRM system? Join us for one of the eRM Webinar sessions listed below, where you'll also learn how to gain access* and complete the online "onboarding" process.

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For Availity registration information, visit , or call Availity Client Services at (800) AVAILITY (282-4548).

For RealMed registration information, visit , or contact the RealMed Customer Service Center at (877) REALMED (732-5633).

* Prior to accessing eRM, you must be registered with Availity® or RealMed®.

Availity is a registered trademark of Availity, L.L.C. RealMed is a registered trademark of RealMed Corporation. Availity, L.L.C. and RealMed Corporation are independent contractors and are solely responsible for their products and services.